72 Hour Kits: Why Are They Critical And How Do You Make One?e

Have you ever experienced a tsunami, hurricane or a tornado.  If you have, then you'll know it comes quickly.  And your home and every one of your belongings can disappear in minutes.  Everything... gone.

Now what?  What do you live out of?  What about clothes?  Water?
People assume that WalMart has everything they need.  Or the MiniMart.

But the shelves empty very, very quickly.    Could you last?  10 days? 5?  2?  or even ... 1?

The Problem is .. .The First 72 Hours. 

Most natural disaster emergencies throw you into chaos for the initial 72 hours.  That's about how long it takes for EMS people to find you.  So that creates another problem.  Do you move around with all of your belongings in tow?  You cant. You have to carry the absolute necessities with you.

The Answer is ... a 72 Hour Kit.

So that's where the 72-hour-kit comes in.   With it, you'll be able to outlast the initial shock of the emergency event. Doesn't matter if it's manmade or natural disasters.   That's because you have 3 days worth (or 72  hours worth) of supplies and gear on you at all times, you'll be prepared.

And after you've finished this article .. you'll understand why the initial 72 hours is critical in the middle of any disaster.  You'll also find out about living through those hours with the best preparation.  And you'll learn about putting a 72 hour kit together, beyond your normal survival kit.

Why is a 72 Hour Kit so Critical?

A 72 hr kit is critical because when you need to “get out of dodge” quickly, for your safety and that of your family, you must have the things essential to your survival at hand. In today’s world, with all of the chaos coming at us from every front, danger seems to be always around the corner.

It is so important to have your kit composed, complete and readily accessible so that you can exit and survive in any situation. The 72 Hour Kit, or bug out bag is essential to sustaining you in the precarious hours following any type of disaster, be it man-made or natural.

So can you make it through the initial 3 days?

How Do You Prepare to Survival Through The Most Deadly 72 Hours?

Consider this scenario: You hear the screaming tornado sirens wailing and you know that you must leave for shelter quickly. Fortunately, you can be prepared for this moment and make it much less dangerous and stressful with a little planning. So you grab your bag, knowing that you may need it in the coming hours.

Being prepared consists of having a bug out bag (72-Hour-Kit) and having a plan of action that you have practiced with your family. This should include meeting places for you to all head for in case of disaster. Your family should be educated on some level of self-defense and on how to remain calm and implement your plan in the face of danger.

And to add to this, here's a short practical lesson in making it happen.

A Quick Lesson in Putting Your 72 Hour Kit Together

The 72 Hour Kit is another commonly used term for a GHB or get home bag. The most important consideration you will face when getting prepared in this manner is “What is it that I absolutely couldn’t survive with if I was lost in the woods for a few days?” Well, the simple answer is, anything that is life-sustaining, and that you will likely not be able to land your hands on in the event of a large disaster or attack.

Pack your kit in an organized fashion so that in the moment you need that medication, or that weapon, even your papers, everything is going to be right at your fingertips. This means the difference between life and death. Also, use water-resistant bags to build into your kit. This ensures the protection of the items that are meant to protect you.

It's About Buying Yourself 72 Hours. So How Do You Do It?

Everyone knows... that the first 72 hrs after the "event" are the most critical.
Survival is about time.  Can you buy that amount of time?  As long as you know that and prepare with your own 72 hr kit, you'll be in much better shape than most others.

With this knowledge in hand, why don't you check out the link on Bug Out Bags.
You'll also find out why a simple survival kit isn't enough to last for 72 hours... but a Bug Out Bag is.

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