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Alternative Survival Shelters: Here Are 6 That Fit In Your Kit

The mob that overtook your home hours ago, is way behind you. Without a car, you’ve been walking in the hot sun heading for the mountains. To get as far away as you can. But now its time to start packing it in for the evening.

And rain clouds look like they are on the horizon for tonight. … On the way out of the house you saw that big 6 man tent, but you couldn’t carry the heavy thing with you. You need some kind of alternative survival shelter.

In an emergency bug out situation, your survival kit might be the only thing you grab. And believe it or not, you don’t have to drag along a big Coleman tent.

You can actually fit very lightweight alternative survival tents in your kit.

After reading this article, you’ll know about 6 alternatives to survival shelter that you can fit in your survival kit.

They are cheap, light weight and effective. Let me show you what I mean about cheap portable survival shelter.


Emergency/space blankets. The Rothco thermal is way better than the crinkly mylar space blankets. Its reusable and windproof, easy to fold and has loops in the corners so you can secure it around yourself or others . Another option in the same vein is the PROFORCE Emergency Survival Bag also at


Check out the 45 or 55 gallon contractor bags. They are kind of large, but they last forever. Some people fold them flat and fit them into the large pocket in the back of their fishing vests. Once you break out the bag, get some duct tape, cut the end off of one of the bags, and tape the two together, to make tube alternative survival tents.


Use tyvek as a tarp. With a little preplanning and some clip grips, and some paracord, you have alternative survival shelters safe or a tarp tent. Check out my article on Tyvek tents.


Its simple but works. Tube alternative survival tents are cheap alternative survival shelters durable. And we already mentioned how you can tape two garbage bags together to make a tube tent. This solution is very lightweight and waterproof. Durable? Yeah!


A poncho can do some amazing things. Did you know that you can combine the poncho with lightweight shock corded poles for alternative survival shelters cheap?

When you combine both of them, you get a shelter with a shock corded frame.

Add a few other items, and you might have yourself a small house!

The poncho tarp idea is especially useful because it takes an item and comes up with multiple uses for that item.  This saves weight, volume and time with your survival kit.


A tarp with grommet holes can be quite versatile. Some are packable and provide great protection against wind and rain. The Survival Tarp from Chinook fits in your backpack, is waterproofed, made out of ripstop taffeta and its UV resistant. Center seams are taped and it has guy loops that are reinforced around the corners. Its one of the lightest tarps that exists for survival and emergencies.

With a few of these, you’d have to think ahead of time… like with the alternative survival tents like the tube tent and the tarp. But the key is really to get you to think laterally about how to improvise your shelter in an unexpected situation. Tyvek? Why not!?

As you think about a potential survival situation for yourself or your loved ones, why don’t you go visit HomeDepot or Lowe’s and pick up some contractor trash bags and some duct tape. Set yourself up in the back yard and try taping together a tube tent … just to see how it works. Who knows… you might have your shelter for an upcoming unexpected situation. Or the kids might have fun with it. At least these alternative survival shelters affordable.

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