Army Survival Kits: Would You Like To Learn From A Ranger?

The best survival kits are not cheap, feel good products. They are real, and solve a real problem. They provide preparedness in the lightest footprint possible.

That's where Army survival kits come in. And it's where Army survival kits by Ranger Rick are especially important.

Ranger Rick has some serious qualifications . He served for 21 years in the US Army. His leadership positions include Airborne Infantry, Anti-Tank squad leader and Airborne Ranger platoon sergeant.

Ranger Rick has been a drill and cold weather instructor, small arms repairman and US Army HQ War Plans Division operation sergeant. Right now, Rick is a self-employed freelance military and outdoor survival instructor.

SMA & SOS Survival Kits

Two examples of his ranger kits are the DIY neck, belt, shoulder SOS kit and the SMA kit for soldiers. If you go to his site, you'll see what he includes in both kits.

Both kits are meant to be small and close to your body or attached to your belt. That's because you may have to ditch or drop your larger gear. If you do, then you still have your survival kit on you

Self Reliance

A great and effective disaster kit is really about self reliance, and figuring out what works best for you personally. That's what special op's guys do. Their gear is unique to them and helps them operate in the most efficient manner.

OK, so here's what you do next. Start looking for a good waterproof container to build your army emergency kit off of. Checkout some of the items I've shown you here in this post, and support Ranger Rick. Test them on a camp out or day hike.

Does It Weigh More Than a Pound?

As a matter of fact, his philosophy on personal emergency kits is this. "If it weighs more than 1 pound not including the knife, it's a camping kit - NOT a survival kit!". Every one of his SOS kits weighs less than a pound. And on his Wilderness Survival Store page, he gives you a closer look at the details of each kit.

Ranger Ricks kits are practical above all else. He's all about inexpensive vs expensive kits. You should check it out.

In the end, an army kit isn’t about some plastic wrapped product that you can find at the coolest prepper store online. And it's also not about putting the most expensive gear in a cool container.

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