What’s a Bug Out Kit? How do you put one together? What’s it good for? What kind of situations could make bug out kits essential?

In an economic collapse, you'll learn about it ... fast. Or imagine you are in the middle of a tsunami, hurricane or a tornado is bearing down on you. In 15 minutes, your home and every one of your belongings disappear. everything... lost.

But now what? What do you live out of? What about clothes? Food? Medical? Communications? Heat? Water? Most people assume that WalMart has everything they want. Or the MiniMart. But having the "bug out mentality" is essential.

Bug Out Kit Questions

Try Carrying Your House On Your Back!

The issue is .. you cant carry everything you own ... on your back in a situation like this. So what do you take? Its time to start making some hard decisions. Only a very few items are able to go with you. Very few. And they dont have to be expensive. It can be cheap survival gear .  And those items go in .........Your bug out kit.

The Solution Is An Emergency Bag.

Your very own emergency bug out kit is the answer to the problem. Once disaster hits, you have no idea if you can stay at your home. You might have to leave on a very short notice. In that case, you shelter, communications, food, fire starting and more. All of it needs to be portable. All of it needs to fit into your .... bug out kit.

And as soon as you finish this page...you'll know...

  • Why certain survival items are more essential than others
  • Why a bug out kit isn't the same as a survival kit
  • How to create a bug out kit
  • What supplies you for a bug out kit

.... so here's what you do to make it work.....

It's Not the Same as a Survival Kit.

Throughout recent history, the US military has given “bail out bags” to all of their aviators. They were instructed to “bug out” or escape, essentially, if they were in danger of being overrun. This is where the term bug out bag arose from. A bug out bag, however, is only capable of sustaining one in the very early hours of an incident.

Namely the first 72 hours. These kits only contain what is absolutely necessary for one to survive in the short-term. These are for a fleeing situation. Survival kits, however, are somewhat like a bug out bag, but the focus is different.

The focus of having one of these is so that once the immediate danger is over, you require to begin to survive for an extended period of time. So a survival kit contains things such as tools, gardening implements, weapons, seed for growing food, or supplies enough to outlast the crisis at hand. In essence you will want both kits.

One you will take with you on the run, the other is stored where you plan on making your stand for survival. The distinction between these two kinds of preparation is critical. One is for the short-term or acute phase of he situation, the other is for the continuance of life afterwards.

We now know what a Bugging Out Kit Is, so do you know what's essential to include in it?

Why Are Some Survival Items More Important Than Others?

Everything included in your bug out strategy is necessary for your survival. There are, however, a few critical items. If you can’t carry anything else in your prep-kit, or preparedness kit, always have these things on hand.

Medication for life-threatening illnesses is, without a doubt, the most important that you can include. The means to build a fire and non-perishable food that is simple to eat on the move are key as well.

The second most essential of the bug out kit contents is a device to purify your water. The simpler the device, the better it is. Products similar to this allows you to drink from any water source without the concern of getting a water-borne illness.

A well-sharpened knife is also a wise addition. You may want this for catching food, building a temporary place of shelter for your family or any number of life-protecting reasons.

Critical food and medical items are important, but here are some pieces of gear to think about also.

What Supplies Will You Need To Include In The Kit?

It makes no difference if you have a neat backpack, if it doesn’t have anything in it to help you with your escape. Prioritize and decide what things you absolutely want to get you by for a 72 hours. One often not-thought-of item for your kit is a compass, another would be a map. These guide you to where you want to go.

Me being the directionally challenged person that I am would definitely put these two items on the top of my list. Besides all of the major necessities like food, water purification and medications, you’ll need something to shelter in.

Preferably this would be a tent and sleeping bag for warmth. It would be advisable, as well, to have 2 separate clothing bags:

Pack one bag with clothing designed for heat extremes and do the same for another targeted toward freezing weather.  Finally, here's what you'll do to put it all together.

A 15 Second Lesson in How To Create Your Own

Planning is the most important aspect in carrying out the task of building a bug out kit, which is also known as a bug out bag.

If you are going to make the effort, then it is prudent to think through any scenarios where you might need your kit and try to foresee what particular items would be vital in such scenarios. If you don’t build your bag right, it won’t help you so this is of utmost importance.

The packs need to include meds, important identification papers and other paper documents, non-perishable food and a source to decontaminate drinking water.

Other than physical needs, you must also consider personal safety, or self-defense in this equation. A knife, firearm and ammunition all work well towards this end.

Remember, if you are in a panic situation and fleeing a real or perceived danger; so is everyone else out there. Scared people do desperate things so personal protection is paramount.

It's Not Complicated
A Bug out kit doesn't need to be complicated. At its core its really a simple thing.

As long as you know what to expect out of it, prepare with the right items and gear and
finally, understand how to put it all together into a compact and portable form, you'll be in good shape.

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