Magnesium Firesteel Minitoggles: The New Way To Start A Fire

Have you ever tried to start a fire with your jacket? And I’m not talking about lighting your jacket on fire. I mean, have you ever used your jacket as a fire starting tool? There’s a way to do it and its pretty quick. The thing I’m going to share with you is the concept of magnesium firesteel minitoggles. Huh? Yeah. and I’m going to show you what they are and how they work. And after reading this, you’ll know how to go anywhere without the need for matches. You’ll discover how to start a fire with a simple magnesium minitoggle flint rod attached to your clothing.

What is a Magnesium Mini-Toggle?

Its a combination tool and clothing accessory. Lets start with the survival tool part. The firesteel toggle is one small piece. It’s simply a small round bar with two holes in it. The holes are for running a zipper pull or a lanyard attachment through. This lets you wear it around your wrist, neck or even use it as a puller for a zipper on your jacket. Now that we know what a Magnesium Firesteel minitoggle is. How does it work?

How Does a Firesteel Toggle Work?

Option 1 is to use a knife as a striker. You do this by using the back of a knife or a piece of metal. Just draw the knife against the magnesium survival gear toggle, and you’ll see sparks.

Option 2 is to use a common metal object like a saw blade for a striker.

Option 3 is to use a rock as a striker.

Bottom line, is you want to use anything you can find that will draw off sparks. So you hold the toggle in one hand and the striker in the other. Then you draw the striker against the toggle quickly. as soon as you do, sparks come flying out.

Putting It Into Action

Heres where the magic happens. Get some tinder to capture your sparks and light the fire. Tinder can be cotton balls, light leaves and branches. Lay down your tinder, and then start generating sparks by striking the magnesium toggle onto the tinder. If you play your cards right, the tinder will catch a spark and either start a very small flame, or spark and die. Keep going and you’ll soon have a fire. This week, why don’t you go to your local camping outlet and buy one of these magnesium firesteel minitoggles for yourself. Give it a try and start learning to make fires on your own. It takes a little practice. But you may find that matches are a thing of the past when you start using firesteel minitoggles.