MAGNESIUM FIRESTEEL TOGGLE: How a Very Small Cheap Thing Can Solve Very Big Problems

Imagine this scenario. You started alone on what was going to be a day hike in the national park. But now your head hurts and your throat is parched. Having gone off the trail for a half mile, you got disoriented.

But here’s the thing. There’s only enough water for the day. And that was finished off yesterday. You are getting more nervous about the water situation.

Wait a minute. You hear a running stream nearby, and you suspect you need to purify the water. But there isn’t any iodine or bleach. Boiling water will be your ticket to quenching your parched thirst. But how do you do it? You’ll need a fire. But how do you start one?

 Problem: No fire starting gear on hand at a moment’s notice

This was supposed to be a simple day hike. You didn’t think about bringing a full on bug out bag full of fire starting gear. But there just might be a way to start a fire at a moment’s notice just from your clothing.

 Solution: Mini Fire steel toggle

If you swap out your jacket zipper pulls with mini fire steel toggles, you will always have fire starting gear next to you.

 What is a Fire steel Minitoggle?

These are small devices that cinch to your gear. You can use them as a handy clasp or part of a zipper pull. But they also act as a useful fire starting tool. These minitoggles have a small amount of magnesium and steel. This is just enough to provide you with a lifesaving shower of fire starting sparks.

A simple magnesium survival gear toggle weighs pretty much nothing. Matter of fact, a magnesium fire steel toggle could be cinching the top of your rucksack right now.

Here’s How a Fire steel Toggle Works

You simply draw a “striker” across the toggle and sparks come out. The striker will be another piece of metal. So this means it can be a set of keys or a survival knife.

This will give you the ability to start a fire. And a fire will allow you to boil water which will be drinkable.

 Your Next Step?

Attach a fire steel minitoggle or a magnesium ferrocerium toggle to your jacket or zipper. By doing so you could have avoided all of this. A fire would have been quickly made and you could have purified water and kept yourself warm. Go update your gear today. Otherwise you might be fighting for life for not having been prepared.