Are You Having Problems Making Your Own Survival Kit?

Are you continually struggling with how to put a survival kit together?

Do you love buying new survival gadgets but find it a real chore to put a real live, meaningful, effective and life saving survival kit together?

And even if you've tried building one two or three times, have you found the result to be less than you hoped for? When natural or manmade disasters show up on the news,  do you get an uneasy feeling inside that maybe you .... aren't really prepared?

Sure, there's a ton of information out there about survival stuff, but that's the problem. There's just too much information.  Should you store food?  Should you prepare for a wilderness experience?  What if the power goes out for months?

Can you feel the confusion and stress already?

You Can Easily Learn How to Build Your Own Survival Kit.

Building a survival kit, 72 hour kit, every day carry bag or bug out bag, doesnt have to be a struggle.

SurvivalKitClub is about one thing.  How to help you build your own survival kit.  That's it.  It's simple, clear and focused.  Its just about the survival kit.

Building your own or your family's survival kit should just be as easy and as fun as flying a kite. Of course, you’ll find it a lot more enjoyable and rewarding if your survival kit building efforts take you successfully through a manmade or natural disaster. And you’ll be a lot more enthusiastic if those same efforts turn into saved lives of you or your loved ones. Sound impossible? It’s not.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this site for?

Its for people who are interested in survival kits.  Its for beginners and people who are new to this survival stuff and want to learn as much as they can, without having to feel stupid for not knowing the language, lingo or other things.

How does the SurvivalKitClub work?

SurvivalKitClub or SKC shares information about survival kits and tips to help you with your kit. As you see posts and articles that interests you, there will be products that I'll present and talk about.  If you like those items, you can click the link and buy them.

As a disclaimer, many if not most of these links are affiliate links, so I will be getting some form of monetary benefit from your purchases.  This helps to offset the costs of keeping up the site.  So it's win win.

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