Survival Bartering: Do You Have These Essential Items In Your Kit?

Why is survival bartering and barter trading important when it comes to survival kits? Barter trade items in a survival situation isn’t the answer to everything.  But it sure breaks the ice in getting things done.  The important thing is to begin thinking about high demand items... in a way that doesn't involve money.   And in this post I'm going to show you how simple survival barter works in general,  how your survival kit can assist you in the process and finally a top 10 list of items to  be prepared to use in bartering.

Lets start out with some reasons to seriously think about survival bartering.

You will be bartering in an environment of chaos and uncertainty.

First, the usual money system will be in chaos.  You'll need money or something of value on hand in case you need to purchase something important on the fly.  And if the value of money changes on a daily basis, then you certainly cant be fitting cartloads of cash in your survival kit.  There's no room.  You 'll need to think about some other options.   Also, if you end up in a desperate situation needing food, water, medicine and clothing, you'll be in a high risk position of poor negotiating.

For example, you could stash, save and prep for everything imaginable.  But at some point you'll run out of something.  Or you will have overlooked something else.   So now you have the options to make what you need buy what you need
do without it barter for it.

Once you've read this post, then you'll at least have some ideas about how bartering works,  how your survival kit can help in bartering and some ideas about what to barter.

How does barter work? Dickering and Bartering

Simplified, the issue is really about how to carry "value" around with you.  And in a way that allows you to trade that value for goods or services that you need in return.  And in a way that leaves your survival kit intact, and not overly devoted just to being full of dollar bills.

How Can Your Bug Out Bag/Survival Kit Help In Bartering?

That's where SURVIVAL BARTERING comes in.  For you, it could potentially be a very viable way of getting things done.  And for your survival kit, it might save you from having to carry more stuff around on your back.

What Are Some Products Or Services That Can Be Bartered?

Is there a way to do this?  Can you trade for goods and services?  Will a bar of soap buy you 5 bags of ramen?   Or can you get a flat tire fixed for an old unused guitar?  The idea is to have survival barter items stashed away.  You sell whatever you need for the weeks expenses at the current exchange rate.  You pay for whatever you must with local currency. 

Again, bartering wont solve everything.  But to make it work, you have to think about your skills and what you have in hand as having value.  Keep a barter items list.  And in your list is something that someone else will want or need.  Relating to your survival kit, survival bartering will educate you on what has real value and what doesn’t.  So maybe you throw a few pieces of silver in your kit .. just in case.  Or a few 10's.

Also there's another downside to bartering.  (besides the position of poor negotiating if you're not prepared).  If all anarchy breaks loose, attempts to barter with outsiders exposes and alerts them to your supplies.  And you know where that goes.

Here's what you need to do next.  Start taking an inventory of your skill set.   Also begin making a list of items that you wont need anymore.  And keep that list as something to potentially trade for services down the road. 

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