Survival Blankets: These 2 Tips Will Keep You Warm In A Disaster

Why are survival blankets important? Where do they fit in? How do you make them a part of your EDC? Or your Bug Out Bag?

For starters, a survival blanket is not a typical blanket. Also, it has no bulk. Most space blankets are made out of mylar. It looks like aluminum foil.

When I first found out about space blankets, my expectations were high. I thought this was going to be the best thing since sliced bread. My test was going to happen on a scout camping trip in a cold Rhode Island winter. How did the test end up? Bad.

I learned that space blankets don’t magically generate heat to make you warm. They reflect existing heat.  But with that said, they are valuable in emergencies. And they definitely save lives.  Space blankets have a silvery material on one or both sides. This is the material that reflects heat. It’s that simple.

Knowing that, what I’m going to do here is show you three different tips for survival blankets.

My promise to you is that once you finish this article, you’ll know two tips about survival blankets. In the end you may end up in a life or death situation, and your survival blanket might be the factor that saves your life or the life of a loved one.


Heat Sheets are important. They are the standard by which all the other survival, emergency and space blankets are judged. There are better ones and thicker ones, but none as widely adopted as this brand. A few unique things about Heat Sheets are that they weigh roughly 3 ounces and they are quieter. Heat Sheets are easily repairable and they have emergency advice printed on the blanket its self.


One way to use a survival blanket is as an emergency tarp. Packaging it up for your bug out bag is easy. Just fold it up and stuff it into a zip lock sandwich bag. Throw in some paracord and you’re good to go. You’ve got a “sandwich bag shelter”.


Survival emergency blankets are relatively cheap and lightweight. For the value they provide, it only makes sense to include one in your bug out bag.

This week, head on over to WalMart, BassPro or online. Check out the different types that exist. Pick one up and play around with it. Take it out in the backyard one night and see how it reacts to being wrapped around you. Also check out using it as a reflector of heat around a fire pit.