Survival Food Storage: Do You Have Pests Eating At Your Stores?

If you are just getting started in long term food storage, then there are a few basic rules of thumb that you’ll want to learn. Namely things about rotating your stock and the use of certain containers. Here’s the link to Prepper Basics: Food Storage In Less Then Perfect Conditions

And one of the biggest headaches with food storage comes from pests. Believe it or not, even mylar bags can be eaten through by bugs.

Want some ways to protect your food storage from bugs?  Check out this link on Protecting Your Food Storage From Pests. It covers things like ‘dry ice’ fumigation before storage, deep freezing grains, heat treatment and more.

Small flour beetles, weevils, larder beetles, several kinds of moths and other stored food pests readily infest, contaminate, destroy, and consume accessible food supplies.

Of course, all the food in the world wont do you any good if insects get into it.  But the solutions are often as harmful as those pesky little critters.   So how do you keep roaches, ants and weevils out of your survival food?

I’ve personally found Diatomaceous Earth or D.E. to be very effective.  Its a very fine white powder. And to an insect its like broken glass. DE is made of fossilized ancient shells.  And it cuts through the waxy coating that these insects have on their bodies. When the coating erodes, the insect can’t hold water and dehydrates.

DE is cheap, but make sure you get the Food Grade type. Just sprinkle it around in areas where the bugs might be crawling.  Soon, you’ll see the difference…. or rather lack of bugs.