Survival Kit Self Defense: 4 Ideas That Bring Peace Of Mind

Whenever there’s a conversation about self defense, one of the first things a person thinks about is .. guns or firearms. But in reality, there are plenty of other ways to defend yourself.

One of the more interesting forms of self defense is with a thing called a shemagh scarf.  In this video on Tactical Shemagh Scarf Self Defence Training you get a good example of how it works.  No weapons.  No attacking.  Its just a defensive technique.


In this reality based self defense video, the narrator gives you a real life situation that happened to him only a week or so earlier.  There’s a play by play of how it went down at a gas station while he was pumping gas.  Its very simple and involves a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu stance.


Here’s a 15 minute video on SHTF / WROL – self defense weapons. The narrator covers a wide variety of items. They range from sprays, to pens to knives and more.  It is really worth watching just to educate yourself in basic and simple self defense weapons that you dont need to get registered for.

Here’s a simple but effective and Excellent EDC Self Defense Blade

This blade is small but very sturdy and well designed. The handle is something your hand can grip very easily. 


Finally, if you are looking for a self defense course, then check out the Cobra Self-Defense -The Best Self-Defense . You may want to take things a step further than just reading books or looking at videos.  That’s where Cobra comes in.