Survivalist Christmas Gift #10 for under $50: BlastMatch

What is it?

The BlastMatch is simply a tool to start a fire. You push it down and sparks start streaming off of it.

Why is it such a great gift?

Its packaged very compactly, so it takes up almost no room in your loved ones survival kit. Also, most fire starting methods require 2 hands. This requires only one hand. You hold it and push it down. There’s no need to hold the striker with one hand and the bar with the other. Its one of the most unique and best designed fire starting tools out there. No one on your block owns one of these. Guaranteed. But then.. don’t think this is going to start the grill in the backyard when its time to throw on some steaks. You want a flame thrower for that .

What are the alternatives?

Matches…. which are boring and don’t look cool.

What will Santa do if I don’t give this as a gift?

He will make sure that the time you go camping, someone will forget the cigarette lighter.