The Best Survival Kit Fire Starting Tool

Have you ever tried to start a fire under water? A few weeks ago I was trying to get a fire started in the rain. I had my two “go to” fire starters, the BlastMatch and a WetFire block. And the driving, drenching rain overcame these two very capable tools. Rain was the issue. The BlastMatch magnesium bar was too wet for sparks. And the WetFire blocks? The shavings didn’t have enough time to catch the BlastMatch sparks.

So it got me to thinking. What’s the best fire starting too?

For the first solution, I discovered a tool that can light a fire under water. I’m not kidding. The second solution can start a fire without sparks, tinder, striking or fuel.

These 2 tools are the Storm Match and the Ion flashlight. Let me show you why I think these camping fire starters are the best.


To create an even comparison, I came up with three things to grade firestarters with.

1. Reliability. Consistency is essential. For instance Zippo lighters are great. They are convenient and easy to use. But when the gas evaporates, it’s useless.

2. Portability. If it weights 2 pounds, forget it. We need something small and easy to carry.

3. Ease of use. One-handed operation is better than two-handed. And if the gear is a multiuse piece of gear, that’s best. So let’s dive into the top 2 and see what makes them the best.


The ION flashlight is important because it combines two roles. These include fire making and illumination.

Specifically the ion flashlight includes fire starter with a cap. You unscrew the cap and touch your tinder to the fire element. At this point, it lights your tinder on fire.

The bottom line is that you don’t have to worry about fire starting gear burning out, or getting wet. There’s no striking a rod for sparks.

You just touch the element to the tinder. The batteries in the flashlight last a long time too. This product kind of reminds you of the “battery and steel wool” idea of making fire.

The downside is that you might have dead batteries just when you need them, so you need to make sure the batteries are fresh.


Storm proof matches came up on the radar because wind and water won’t put these things out. They are built ruggedly.

If you are concerned about Storm Matches in a rainstorm then don’t worry. You can burn these matches in a strong wind, rain or even under water. That’s no joke.

But there is one issue. They only burn for 15 seconds. So here’s the trick to overcome that. Have some fast lighting tinder on hand. That’s why I recommend the tinder cards.

These are cards that have a little bit of fluff to them to allow them to catch fire quickly. The idea is to start out with the Storm Matches, light the tinder card, and you’re rolling.

Also, not all Storm Matches are the same. That’s why you want to check out the UCO brand matches. They are the best performing type.

I don’t think you can say that there’s one best fire making tool. But if I were stuck with just a few items. I’d take a combination of the BlastMatch, ION flashlight, WetFire tinder and the StormMatches. That’s because you’re covering a number of methods. I mean seriously, a match that lights under water? How can you go wrong?

Look, don’t just sit around reading articles about this stuff. This week, check out the Storm Matches as a cheap tool. Or why don’t you check out the ION flashlight. Either way, you’ll have a fire in no time flat with the best fire starting tool!