Waxed Jute Fatwood Matches: An Unbeatable Combination

A waxed jute fatwood match is a natural alternative to the BIC lighter. It’s more effective than using a bow drill. And it’s lightweight and compact for your kit. That means it saves space and weight in your bug out bag or survival kit.

So what is this? It’s a combination of two things.

 But It All Starts With the Waxed Jute

The first part is the jute which is waxed natural twine. Here’s why it’s important. In making a fire, you need tinder. Tinder catches the sparks produced from the ignition source. With waxed jute, you make a “birds nest” by pulling the jute apart into small strands. As you unravel the jute, you fluff up the end into a nest.

Wondering how fast it can catch a spark? Two strikes on a ferro rod into a jute nest will do the trick.

Other options like Tinder Quick and Wetfire Tinder exist. But they have problems. These expensive alternatives need to stay packaged over time or they lose their effectiveness.

Some people have tried sisal twine and cotton blend string, but jute works better. So let’s talk about the second part of our equation. The fatwood.

Fatwood Is Your Key

Fatwood kindling is a by product of the lumbering process. It comes from pine tree stumps of renewable, managed forests. Resins flow through each tree and collect at the base of the pine tree. The leftover stump has large amounts of these natural resins which contain by products like tar and turpentine. These same resins can easily keep a flame.

Fatwood sticks are made by cutting 8″ sticks from this stump material. It’s perfect to start a fire. It can be used as easily as flammable fire starters or kerosene soaked products.

The difference is that fatwood is environmentally friendly because it uses a part of the tree that’s unused. And its 100% natural and very safe.

Does Jute Fatwood Belong in Your Bug Out Bag?

Of course! That’s because this combination is compact, easy to use, waterproof and foolproof. Just make sure you pair it with a good ferro rod or a BlastMatch.

Matter of fact, try doing the following this week. Try making your own waxed jute. It’s not that hard to do. Go to Home Depot and buy a roll, soak it in wax and try it out.

You might never need to scrounge for twigs when you have this on hand.